Blau's Saukville Meats

Your Favorite Meat Market since 1971

For those who prefer the traditional style sausages made from pork. Our pork sausage is made solely from lean pork shoulder meat and blended with the perfect combination of spices. We dont skimp on quality and all our sausage is made in house and hand stuffed.

Pork Bratwurst: The staple to any grill out- You cant go wrong with this perfect blend of brat seasonings.

Kielbasa:  Also known as "Fresh Polish" this sausage has great flavor with hints of garlic. A must try!

Cheddar Brat: Traditional brat with added cheddar cheese to kick it up a notch.

Jalapeño Brat: Not too spicy, but a good jalapeño flavor, with pepper jack cheese.

Mushroom Swiss Brat: A nice rich flavor with good mushroom flavor. We bring it all together with creamy swiss cheese.

Breakfast Links: With the perfect blend of sage, salt and other spices-no breakfast would be complete without these!

Hungarian Sausage: Paprika, black pepper, mildly spicy.

Italian Sausage: Another one of the staples that will have you coming back for more! Available in hot or mild

Jambalaya Brat: All the great flavors of this classic Cajun dish put into a brat. White Rice, bell peppers, onion, garlic. Delicious!

Chorizo: Flavorful Mexican sausage made with paprika, cumin, garlic abd other great spices.